trock on youtube

The following people have trock songs exclusively in videos on youtube, but don’t have trock names for themselves or myspace music pages.

Listed alphabetically by YouTube username.

analysethevan (1 song here)

AuglereDeRosenkinde (1 song here)

BathtubWanderer (1 song here)

bellalysewinchester (1 song here)

BenjyMehCohen (1 song here)

Benluchs (3 songs and 3 covers)

bethanloumusic (1 song here)

BigBlueBoxTV (1 song)

blithium (1 song here)

BlueCarrotUnmei (2 songs, here and here)

TheBoomSisters (1 song here)

BreeTwee (1 song here)

Briannaissonerdlike (1 song here)

cavedawes (1 song here)

charlie2112113 (1 song, here)

charliemunroe113 (1 song, here)

(1 song here)

CrazyAverageFreak (1 song here)

cukucoco (1 song here)

DanieltheDaft (1 song here)

Debaserxx (1 song here)

DramaQueen2107 (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

emeraldsandstuff (1 song here)

(3 songs, herehere, and here)

fictitiously (1 song here)

(1 song here)

FinalAndZenon (1 song, here)

fishylemonade (1 song here)

 (1song here)

frankliso (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

TheHairofTime (1 song here)

hazeltron (1 song here)

ImArielle (3 songs, here, here and here)

jazbazraz (1 song here)

jeffersonvlog (1 song here)

KeannaCasey (1 song here)

KronksSpinachPuffs (1 song here)

leurahome (1 song here)

limegreen9717 (1 song here)

thelionversusbear (1 song here)

louisawhat (1 song here)

(1 song here)

MagicCynic (1 song here)

magichatter (1 song here)

MaleaBotor (1 song, here)

mechaweeg (1 song, not available)

mickeleh (2 songs, here and here)

mikichikk (1 song here)

amomentwithmarky (2 songs, here and here)

MrDoctoroftardis (2 songs, here and here)

 (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

(1 song here)

notasfunnyaswethink (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

peekaresque (1 song here)

rebexa (1 song here)

theromanticgeek (1 song here)

rubamantha (1 song, here, plus this one)

Saberdonkey (1 song here)

SamUncutProductions (1 song here)

smilinglimpet (1 song, here)

snowypanda93 (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

(1 song here)

StephenFrizzle (1 song here)

StickmanQueen (1 song here)

st08st08 (1 song, here )

stopitsgingertime (5 songs)

StormyBormy (2 songs, here and here)

suprduprlemontrooper (1 song here)

tbrogan8009 (1 song here)

TimeDaughter (1 song here)

TheTinTerrier (2 songs, here and here)

(1 song here)

TraineeHero (1 song here)

UKISOCIETY (6 songs)

 (1 song here)

whiteandfluffy701d (1 song here)

 (1 song here)

wynflete (1 song here)

Zoedina (1 song here)


Bands on YouTube

Blinovitch (username: videobloggery)

Blueboxx (username: keitsa)

Chameleon Circuit (nerimon, charlieissocoollike, littleradge, and CowInParachute)

The Cloister Belles (username: TheCloisterBelles)

Duck Pond (username: live2tivo)

Friends in Time (username: safferoonicle)

Friends of the Ood (username: friendsoftheoodmusic)

The Girls in the Fireplace (username: GirlsInTheFirePlace)

Harmonies in Whoville (username: IAmTheBookie)

Illegal Rift Activity (username: alicecullengirl)

It’s a Sonic Screwdriver (username: ItsASonicScrewdriver)

The Lonely Traveler (username: worthlesspeon13)

The Lone Traveler (username: mrsir2)

Mr Saxon (username: luchilenium)

The Noble Sisters (username: thenoblesisters)

Neutron Flow (username: NotRiverBasil)

Project Indigo (username: gingersnap8)

Psychic Pollen (username: psychicpollen)

Quantum Locked (username: eddplant)

Starwhale Danceparty (username: hopeonatenspeed)

Subwave Network (username: SubwaveNetwork)

Time Children (username: imperfectcadances)

TARDIR (username: TARDIR)

The Tardis Keys (username: MyteeSooperox)

Turn Left (username: geekchicband)

The Untempered Schism (username: TheUntemperedSchism)

Untempered Schism (username: zalex589)

The Vashta Nerada (zoedoll and insertwhatwhere)

Vortex (username: Liruliniel)

Walk in Eternity (username: mattlincoln524)


Know of anyone that’s missing from this list? email me at or leave a comment below.

(Last updated May 14th, 2011.)


One Response to “trock on youtube”

  1. Ruby (@rubyntelevision) February 23, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Oh, wow, Rubamantha’s there! (I’m Ruby, the half not in that video.) Um, the link to our second song is expired because Sam changed her tumblr url. The song can now be found here:

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