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This “complete” list combines the lists of trock bands, trock on YouTube, and other Doctor Who songs. Listed alphabetically by artist name or YouTube username.


Amy and the Ponds (3 songs) (now The Fish Custard Project)

analysethevan (1 song here)

Ange Hardy (“If I was Doctor Who I’d beam into your email“)

Antisoc (“The Doctor is In“)

Ashley Frieze (“The Eleventh Hour” and “Who’d be a Timelord at Christmas“)

AuglereDeRosenkinde (1 song here)

Bad Wolf Bay (4 songs)

BathtubWanderer (1 song here)

bellalysewinchester (1 song here)

BenjyMehCohen (1 song here)

Benluchs (2 songs + 3 covers)

bethanloumusic (1 song here)

BigBlueBoxTV (1 song)

Blinovitch (3 songs)

blithium (1 song here)

Blueboxx (11 songs)

BlueCarrotUnmei (2 songs, here and here)

BreeTwee (1 song here)

Briannaissonerdlike (1 song here)

Brüx Callison & The Entangled Photons (“C’mon Leela (Put You Knife Away)“)

cavedawes (1 song here)

charlie2112113 (1 song, here)

charliemunroe113 (1 song, here)

Chameleon Circuit (also here) (10+ songs)

(1 song here)

The Cloister Belles (1 song)

CrazyAverageFreak (1 song here)

cukucoco (1 song here)

The Cult of Skaro (1 song)

Dale Chase (“Who’s Your Doctor?“)

The Dalek (2 songs)

Damaged Electronics (“Damaged Daleks”)

DanieltheDaft (1 song here)

David Forest (“Time Lord“)

Debaserxx (1 song here)

The Doctor’sDaughter(1 song)

DramaQueen2107 (1 song here)

Dr. Noise (“Onward” and “Exterminate Regenerate” cover)

Dontjoke (“Dr Who”)

Duck Pond (2 song)

emeraldsandstuff (1 song here)

(3 songs, here, here, and here)

Exterminate! (3 songs)

Fast Ood Rockers (“Song 4 Kylie: I’m in Love (With a Girl in a Time Machine)”)

fictitiously (1 song here)

(1 song here)

FinalAndZenon (1 song, here)

fishylemonade (1 song here)

frankliso (1 song here)

Friends in Time (2 songs)

Friends of the Ood (7 songs)

The Fish Custard Project (1 song) (previously Amy and the Ponds)

Gallifrey and the Time Lords (2 songs)

Geoff Smith (“Rose“)

The Girls in the Fireplace (5 songs)

The Great Luke Ski (“It Takes Who“)

TheHairofTime (1 song here)

Harmonies in Whoville (also on youtube) (11 songs)

Harriet Jones and the Former Prime Ministers (2 songs)

hazeltron (1 song here)

Illegal Rift Activity (1 song)

ImArielle (3 songs, here, here and here)

Interstellar Jellybaby (1 song)

It’s a Sonic Screwdriver (1 song)

jazbazraz (1 song here)

Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff (“Timelord Shuffle“)

jeffersonvlog (1 song here)

Jonny Nero Action Hero (“Cyber Octicks“)

KeannaCasey (1 song here)

KronksSpinachPuffs (1 song here)

leurahome (1 song here)

limegreen9717 (1 song here)

thelionversusbear (1 song here)

The Lonely Assassins (1 song)

The Lonely Traveler (2 songs)

The Lone Traveler (1 song)

louisawhat (1 song here)

(1 song here)

MagicCynic (1 song here)

MaleaBotor (1 song, here)

MC_Loki (“Who Be the Man“)

mechaweeg (1 song, not available)

The Medusa Cascade (1 song)

mickeleh (2 songs, here and here)

mikichikk (1 song here)

amomentwithmarky (2 songs, here and here)

MrDoctoroftardis (2 songs, here and here)

Mr. Saxon (also on youtube) (3 songs)

Neutron Flow (1 song)

(1 song here)

The Noble Sisters (1 song)

notasfunnyaswethink (1 song here)

One Man, Two hearts (2 songs)

The Ood Cast (this podcast has made 18+ songs, all available  for download)

Parry Gripp (“Doctor Who“)

Paul Hone (“The Doctor Who is in Time” and “Mind of a Nation, Dalek Attack“)

The Pandorica Opens (1 song) (previously Rose and the Tylers)

peekaresque (1 song here)

Polyphase Avitron*

Project Indigo (1 song)

Psychic Paper (1 song)

Psychic Pollen (6+ songs)

Quantum Locked (2 songs)

Radio Rassilon (podcast with several songs)

Raston Warrior Robots (2 songs)

Ridikulus (“You Don’t Know Jack Harkness“)

theromanticgeek (1 song here)

Rose and the Tylers (3 songs) (now The Pandorica Opens)

rubamantha (1 song, here, plus this one)

Saberdonkey (1 song here)

SamUncutProductions (1 song here)

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets

The Singing Nerd (“Dalek, Baby” and “Doctor Who Techno“)

Skasis Paradigm (1 song)

smilinglimpet (1 song, here)

Snake Eyes (“Blink“)

snowypanda93 (1 song here)

Starwhale Danceparty (11+ songs)

st08st08 (1 song, here)

StephenFrizzle (1 song here)

StickmanQueen (1 song here)

st08st08 (1 song, here )

stopitsgingertime (5 songs)

StormyBormy (2 songs, here and here)

Subwave Network (1 song)

suprduprlemontrooper (1 song here)

Tachyon TV (podcast with 10+ parody songs you can download here)

The TARDIS Keys (1 song)

Technicolour Chaos (1 song)

Terence Chua (“Who Am I?” and “A Companion’s Christmas“)

Time Agency (1 song)

Time and Relative Dimensions in Rock (also on youtube) (5? songs)

Time Children (also here and here) (3 songs)

TimeDaughter (1 song here)

Timelord Smith (“Time Lord”)

Time Vortexology (4 songs)

The Timey-Wimey Stuff (2 songs)

TheTinTerrier (2 songs, here and here)

Tom Smith (“An Ecclesiates for Rose“)

Tom Milsom (5 songs on a free ep called Trockstuff)

(1 song here)

TraineeHero (1 song here)

Turn Left (10 songs)

UKISOCIETY (6 songs)

The Untempered Schism (1 song)

Untempered Schism (1 song)

The Vashta Nerada (3 songs)

Videogame Orchestra (“Doctor Who Theme“)

Vixy and Tony (“Companion“)

The Vogon Poets (“Time Lord”)

Vortex (2 songs)

Walk in Eternity (2 songs)

Weevil Rock You (1 song)

whiteandfluffy701d (1 song here)

wynflete (1 song here)

Zoedina (1 song here)


(Last updated April 10th, 2011.)

(1 song here)

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