Chameleon Circuit
This is the debut, self-titled album from Chameleon Circuit, the first trock band.

(released June 2009)

1. An Awful Lot of Running
2. Gallifreyan History 101
3. Count the Shadows
4. Shipwrecked
5. Type 40
6. Blink
7. Exterminate, Regenerate
8. K9’s Lament
9. Journey’s End
10. Friends of the Ood [Acoustic]
11. Exterminate, Regenerate [Demo, CD-Only Bonus Track]

buy it here
or on iTunes
or Amazon


Trock On! 

Trock On! is a compilation album released through DFTBA records, featuring trock songs by a variety of trock artists.

(released August 2009)

1. “Doctor, Doctor” – Mr. Saxon
2. “When Autons Attack” – Turn Left
3. “The Sound of Drums” – Quantum Locked
4. “My Name Is John Smith (I Am The Doctor)” – The Lonely Traveler
5. “Jennyrated Anomaly” – The Doctor’s Daughter
6. “Never Let You See” – Walk In Eternity
7. “Miss Martha” – Bad Wolf Bay
8. “Type 40 (Acoustic)” – Chameleon Circuit
9. “Donna’s Song” – Exterminate!
10. “Doctor’s Anguish” – Friends In Time
11. “Onward” – Dr. Noise
12. “Regeneration Is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)” – The Medusa Cascade
13. “Who Turned Out The Lights” – Harriet Jones And The Former Prime Ministers
14. “Giant Robot” – Time Agency
15. “The Osterhagen Key” – One Man, Two Hearts [feat. Mr. Saxon]
16. “New Earth” – Tom Milsom
17. “Feline Fettle” – Harmonies In Whoville
18. “Lloyd In The Void” – Technicolour Chaos

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or on iTunes
or Amazon


The Vashta Nerada – Running in the Dark, Alone

This album includes songs about Harry Potter and Firefly, along with songs about Doctor Who and Torchwood.

(released October 2009)

The trock tracks are the last three songs:
6. Song for the Doctor
7.  Running in the Dark, Alone
8. The Master

buy it on iTunes


Tom Milsom – trockstuff

This ep is available for free download on the DFTBA Records website.

(released 2009)


1. The New Assistant
2. New Earth
3. The End of the Universe
4. Bad Wolf Bay
5. Am I Just a Humanoid to You?

download it here (it’s free!)


Visitations: a Musical Tribute to Doctor Who

This is a free compillation album put together by Hipster, Please!. It includes several trock songs, quite a few raps, and some “who-flavored” mashups.

(released April 2010)

1. “Who be the man?” – MC_Loki
2. “Doctor Who Theme” – Videogame Orchestra
3. “Superior Beings” – Metamystics Inc [feat. ArmageddonMan]
4. “Cyber Octicks” – Jonny Nero Action Hero [feat. Audio in the Pregap]
5. “MC Cris for the TARDIS” – DJ Bentelli
6. “Who’s Your Doctor?” – Dale Chase
7. “Song for the Doctor” – The Vashta Nerada
8. “C’mon Leela (Put Your Knife Away)” – Brux Callison & The Entangled Photons
9. “The Doctor is In” – Antisoc
10. “There’s No Such Thing as Impossible” – Turn Left
11. “Blink” – Snake Eyes

See this page for more information and download links.


The Ood Cast Album

The Ood Cast is a Doctor Who podcast that often includes a musical parody segment. This album includes all of these songs from the second season of the podcast. The songs are mostly parody filk songs, often recapping the most recent episodes of Doctor Who. (in this case, the whole of season five.)

(released July 2010)

1. Martha’s Lament
2. Amelia Waits
3. Beast Below
4. White Cliffs of Skaro
5. Wipe Your Lips, Mate
6. Don’t Wanna Blink
7. Let’s Get It On, Doctor
8. O Mio Babbino Caro
9. Under Venice
11. Amy’s Choice
12. Going Underground
13. Sound Of The Underground
14. I Will Remember You
15. Vincent
16. The Fall Of Silence
17. Under The Starless Sky
18. Pond Dreaming

Download it here for free


Dr. Noise – Short Stories
 This isn’t a trock album, but it does include three fantastic trock songs!

(Released November 2010)

These are the three trock tracks:
3. Onward
4. The Doctor and The Master
5. Amelia Pond

Buy a physical copy here
or download it on bandcamp or on iTunes


Turn Left – Void Stuff
The debut album of Turn Left!

(released April 2011)

1. A Girl from Earth
2. Clockwork
3. How Do You Pretend
4. The Doctor
5. There’s No Such Thing As Impossible
6. Shock & Horror
7. When Autons Attack!
8. Children of Earth
9. Time Lord Spaceship
10. Good Times

Buy it here
Or on iTunes


Starwhale Danceparty – Save the Starwhales

The first album from Starwhale Danceparty. Some of the profits from this album will be donated to the Save the Whales foundation to help real-life (earth) whales.

(released April 2011)

1. Hey There Bracewell
2. This Is a Song for the Fish
3. Victory Should Be Naked
4. Be Extraordinary
5. A Song for Abigail
6. Martha Jonesing
7. The Pandorica Is Opening
8. The Last of the Starwhales
9. The Family of Blood
10. Dear Santa
11. My Reality

Buy a physical copy here or here
Or buy it on iTunes


Psychic Pollen – Bow Ties Are Cool
The debut album of Psychic Pollen! And you can get it for free (or name you price).

(Released June 2011)

1. Come Away With Me
2. The Glory of Sontar
3. Waters of Mars
4. The Slower Path
5. Mister Saxon: The Toclafane
6. Mister Saxon: Martha Saves the Earth
7. Rose
8. The Doctor’s Wife
9. Dalek!
10. Silence in the Library
11. Amelia and The Crack

Download it here (for free!)


Bad Wolf and the Sonic Screwdrivers – TARDIS Key EP

Not only does Alex Carpenter sing about Harry Potter, Lost, and The Hunger Games, he also sings songs about Doctor Who, under the name Bad Wolf and the Sonic Screwdrivers.

(released June 2011)

1. Bow Ties Are Cool
2. The Boy Who Waited
3. The Pandorica Opens
4.Don’t Blink (Acoustic)
5. The Shadow Proclamation
6. Time and Relative Dimension In Space

buy it here (digital download)


Chameleon Circuit – Still Got Legs
Still Got Legs is the second album from Chameleon Circuit. Physical copies come with a poster and digital download.

(released July 2011)

1. The Subwave Signal
2. Regenerate Me
3. Nightmares
4. Travelling Man
5. Everything is Ending
6. Mr Pond
7. Kiss the Girl
8. Knock Four Times
9. Teenage Rebel 10. Big Bang Two
11. Eleven
12. The Sound of Drums
13. Silence and the End of All Things
14. The Doctor Is Dying
15. Still Not Ginger

buy a physical copy here
or on iTunes here


The Ood Cast – Dirty Little Geeks
“All the songs from the third series of The Ood Cast – Doctor Who parodies to the tunes of the most eclectic bunch of music you could imagine.”

(released July 2011)

1. A Show Of Distinction
2. Dr Who Writer
3. Our Lodger
4. Clay! (Intro)
5. Your Song (Fanboy Diss)
6. Do You Remember?
7. Fake Plastic Men
8. Talking ’bout Regeneration (Live)
9. Underneath Your Skin
10. Silence Is All You’ll Hear
11. Frozen
12. Don’t Go Breakin’ My Mic
13. Wuthering Dead
14. Jet Plane To Gallifrey
15. Ribbons
16. Who Don’t Impress Me Much
17. Dirty Little Geeks
18. The Tenth Doctor’s Hair (Oodmix)
19. Four Chords Of Time
20. Oh So Silent
21. Rory’s Summer Of 69
22. I’m On A Pirate Boat
23. Women In The Box
24. Blue Glory Box
25. I Know It So Well
26. Flesh Monster
27. Always Look On The Bright Side of Going To War

download it here (for free)


If you know of any additions or corrections I need to make to this list, email me at or leave a comment below. For more free song downloads check out this page.


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