What you can expect from The Trocklafane Podcast during series 6:

27 Apr

More frequent podcast episodes – I plan on doing shorter review episodes during  the broadcast of series six, giving my thoughts on each episode and playing relevant trock songs. In the next day or two, there should be another podcast episode released, mostly just catching up on old news and songs I’ve had lined up for a while. (As well as my super-belated Christmas Carol review.) Then my review of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon should be out next week after the second part has aired. After that, you can probably expect weekly or biweekly episodes for the duration of this series.

More frequent news posts – After the post at the end of this month, I’ll be posting news posts weekly. There has been so much trock news lately that I feel like I need to be updating more often to keep up with it! Once this series is done, I’ll probably continue doing weekly (or, more likely, biweekly) posts.

Other things?
People seemed to like the series 5 song list I made, and I plan to continue doing that sort of thing. I’ve already started a page for series 6 songs here (the YouTube playlist is here) and I’ll be updating it as the series progresses. In the future, you’ll be able to find all the “themed” song lists here.

Though it might not seem like it, I have a lot of ideas and things planned for this site. (And with the end of the school year approaching, I might finally have time to follow through on some of them.) But, I’d also like to know what sorts of things you want to see. Would you like to see some album reviews? Trock artist spotlights? Interviews? Non-trock-related reviews? Crazy rants? What would you guys like to see? (Also, am I the only one who thinks there should be more trock on tumblr?)

Let me know in the comments below!


February/March Time Lord Rock News

10 Apr

New trock songs…

Duck Pond (live2tivo on YouTube) has “Not Mates

MrDoctoroftardis on YouTube has “Doctor Who, Where are you?

bellalysewinchester on YouTube has “Alons-y

Dontjoke has “Dr Who” (buy it here on iTunes)

analysethevan on YouTube has  “D is for Doctor Who

UKISOCIETY on YouTube has “The Kandyman” and “Five Rounds Rapid (The Brigadier’s Song)

Psychic Pollen has “Waters of Mars

charliemunroe113 on YouTube has “The Heartbeat of a Timelord

StickmanQueen on YouTube has “Bad Case of Loving Doctor Who (Parody)

has “The Brig can’t help you now, he’s in Geneva

tbrogan8009 on YouTube has “Amy’s Song

has “The Girl Who Waited

dustyteeth on tumblr has “Doomsday” and “The Doctor’s Theme,” vocal versions of Doctor Who soundtrack songs, with original lyrics. (You can download them here.)

questionable-morals on Tumblr has “The Companion Song

has “Imaginary Friend

Recent episodes of The Ood Cast included songs about their experience at the recent Gallifrey convention: a song about leaving for Gallifreyone about convention ribbonsone about the three most recent Doctors, and this fantastic Doctor Who fan anthem.

Radio Rassilon has posted lyrics and a download link for “The 10th Doctor’s Hair” here.

has “this is a song about doctor who

has “Look Behind You

has “Take Me Away


Upcoming album news…

Psychic Pollen is working on a full length trock album, to feature new versions of songs on his YouTube channel, as well as some new songs.

Dr. Noise has begun to work on a 14-song trock-only album, likely featuring songs about new and old Doctor Who episodes. It should be hopefully be out by the end of the year.


Other things…

Check out this folksy cover of “An Awful Lot of Running” by istarith on YouTube (original here)

thedemonhedgehog on YouTube made a music video for “Song for the Doctor” (song by the Vashta Nerada)

made a music video for “Regeneration is Useless (with two broken hearts)” (song by The Medusa Cascade)

Are you excited about the upcoming Chameleon Circuit album? Check out the Still Got Legs album preview page here. Also, be sure to “like” the official Chameleon Circuit Facebook page.

Fandomania has compiled a list of 15 Songs About Doctor Who. There’s a great collection of songs on this list, and you should definitely check it out.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

January Time Lord Rock News

5 Feb

New trock songs…

MagicCynic on YouTube has “My Mad Man in his Blue Box

Briannaissonerdlike on YouTube has “Take Me Away

BreeTwee on YouTube has “The Sonic Screwdriver Song

peekaresque on YouTube has “The Who the Hell is River Song

cukucoco on YouTube has “Doctor Who Song #1

AuglereDeRosenkinde on YouTube has “Bibbly

UninhabitablePlanets on YouTube has “This isn’t Trock.. it’s a TRAP

thelionversusbear on YouTube has “We Didn’t Start the Time War

stopitsgingertime on YouTube has “Doctor Who Series 6 (A Song)

suprduprlemontrooper on YouTube has “While the Sky is Still Clear

A new trock band, Subwave Network, has “Ood Rap

The Ood Cast had a couple of Christmassy songs on their Christmas Carol Review episode as well as a song about the Gelth in this episode.


Other notable trock videos…

Have a Ukulele? Want to learn how to play “Big Bang 2” on it? Check out benluchs‘ handy tutorial video.

Check out songsfrompaul‘s fantastic “Blink” cover.

New music videos: Ratin8tor4 has “The Good Doctor Who”  (original here) and there are several fan-made trock music videos on the sixawesometimelords channel.


Upcoming album news…

In a recent video, Alex Carpenter announced that his trock album should be released sometime in March/April.  You can now find his trock band, Bad Wolf and the Sonic Screwdrivers, on Facebook and ‘like’ it to get all the updates.

Paul (songsfrompaul) is also working on an album which will include several trock songs, including a new recording of this song. (More info here.)

The Chameleon Circuit folks have been hard at work this month on their new album, Still Got Legs. They announced (on twitter) the addition of two new Chameleon Circuit band members, Michael Aranda and Eddplant (Quantum Locked). Sadly, Chris (Gallifreyan History 101 and K9’s Lament) will not be involved with this Chameleon Circuit album. You can check out the “leaked” track listing for Still Got Legs here. If you’re interested in watching some behind-the-scenes clips of the album being recorded, you can see this video (at 1:32) and several videos on this channel (including the recording of “Doctor What” and “Regenerate Me”). There’s no official release date yet, but we can probably expect it to be out in a few months.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

December Time Lord Rock News

6 Jan

New trock songs…

hopeonatenspeed on YouTube uploaded the full “Last of the Starwhales” song

Paige Harwood and Alex Carpenter teamed up on “My Reality

stopitsgingertime on YouTube has “Come Back Jack

Exterminate! has uploaded a new version of “Hey, Doctor”

AnaAerophina on YouTube has “Amy’s Song

Turn Left has a new song: “A Girl from Earth”

SofYeah on YouTube has a Torchwood song: “Doctor Owen Harper

MendocinoDragon on YouTube has “Hair of an Idiot

Two new BowTiesRCool songs, “The Regeneration Song” and “Take Over the World!” can be downloaded here.

I’m sure no one else noticed, but I missed a few songs last month: “The Good Docta” by heeminhyman on YouTube and “Bad Wolf Bay” by graklesnort on YouTube.

The Ood Cast had some more songs on their podcast: find the episodes here and here.

The Doctor Who Podcast did a Christmas episode which featured two Christmas Doctor Who songs. The first was a song by Ashley Frieze, “Who’d Be a Timelord at Christmas” which can be downloaded from his site, the second was a Christmas duet “Bigger on the Inside” featuring Laura of The Ood Cast, which can be downloaded from their site.

Be sure to check out Radio Rassilon, another Doctor Who podcast that often features original Doctor Who songs. Their most recent episode included the song “the Tenth Doctor’s Hair.” Check out some of their other episodes for more musical fun!


Other things…

Nevermind the Last Tracks aired their Doctor Who special on December 6th. If you missed it, you can download the episode here or listen to just the songs here.

In a recent blog post, Alex Day talked a little about the upcoming Chameleon Circuit album: “I wrote a chorus today for a new Chameleon Circuit song called Teenage Rebel. I was inspired after listening to I Was A Teenage Werewolf by The Remus Lupins. When finished (if finished) it will be my fourth contribution to the new Chameleon Circuit album, “Still Got Legs”, which we’re hoping to record next month ❤ Names of the other songs I’ve written are “Travelling Man”, “Everything Is Ending” and of course “The Doctor Is Dying“. (Spoilers!)” This upcoming album is sounding pretty awesome!

Charlie McDonnell of Chameleon Circuit recently visited the set of Doctor Who and did a series of videos about it with the Doctor Who Confidential team. You can watch the four videos here.


Podcast/Site news…

I was recently on an episode of the US Whocast, along with some other people, discussing A Christmas Carol. I’ll give my full review very soon (on episode 7) but if you can’t wait that long, you can hear what I thought of it on the episode here.

Finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the series 5 song list I posted yesterday, as well as the YouTube playlist that goes with it.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

Series 5 Time Lord Rock Songs

5 Jan

Relive the fifth series of Doctor Who by listening to time lord rock songs about it!

Below is a compilation of all the series 5-themed trock songs I could find –  listed by episode, with links to the best places to hear them. Enjoy!

(Also, check out this YouTube playlist featuring some of the songs in video form!)


The Eleventh Hour

Amelia and the CrackPsychic Pollen

Amelia Pond – Dr. Noise

Amelia Waits – The Ood Cast

Amy’s Song – AnaAerophina

Amy’s Song – 

Bowties are Cool – The Lonely Traveler

Come Along, Pond – louisawhat

Crack in My Wall – 

A Crack in Time and Space – DramaQueen2107

The Eleventh Hour – Ashley Frieze

The Eleventh Hour DanieltheDaft

The Eleventh Hour – Time Vortexology

Fish Custard – Time Children

Imaginary Friend – 

Raggedy Doctor – bluecarrotunmei


The Beast Below

Beast Below – The Ood Cast

The Last of the Star Whaleshopeonatenspeed


Victory of the Daleks

Daleks Make the Best Tea – Time Children

Hey There Bracewell – hopeonatenspeed

iHate Daleks – live2tivo

White Cliffs of Skaro – The Ood Cast


The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

Don’t Wanna Blink – The Ood Cast

Flesh and Stone – Bow Ties R Cool

Let’s Get It On, Doctor – The Ood Cast

Spoilers: A River Song – Time Children

Wipe Your Lips, Mate – The Ood Cast


Vampires in/of Venice

O Mio Babbino Caro – The Ood Cast

Under Venice – The Ood Cast

The Vampires in Venice – Amy and the Ponds


Amy’s Choice

Amy’s Choice – The Ood Cast

El TARDIS – The Ood Cast

DreamLord’s Dream- BowTiesRCool

My RealityPaige and Alex


The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Going Underground – The Ood Cast

I Will Remember You – The Ood Cast

Sound of the Underground – The Ood Cast


Vincient and the Doctor

Vincent – The Ood Cast


The Lodger

Our Lodger – The Ood Cast


The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

Big Bang 2charlieissocoollike/Chameleon Circuit

Big Bang Tension – The Pandorica Opens

Doctor Who – Season 5 finale – ficticiously

The Fall of Silence – The Ood Cast

Get Me Out of the Pandorica – BowTiesRCool

Pond Dreaming – The Ood Cast

Under the Starless Sky– The Ood Cast


Other Series 5 and 11th Doctor Songs

Amy Pond, The Girl Who Waited – 

The Boy Who Waited – CrazyAverageFreak

Hair of an Idiot – MendocinoDragon

The Matt Smith Song – Bow Ties R Cool

The Newborn Timelord Blues – Mickeleh

Rory – Amy and the Ponds

T.A.R.D.I.S – The Ood Cast

The Traveler’s Song – TheBoomSisters


Know of a song I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

(Last updated April 10th, 2011.)

The Trocklafane Podcast episode 6

24 Dec

Sick of hearing the same Christmas songs on the radio over and over? Need something to listen to while you wrap presents? The Trocklafane Podcast is here to help you out! Episode 6 is a takes you on a Christmas-themed musical adventure featuring Christmas songs about Doctor Who and Doctor Who songs about Christmas, as well as not-quite-as-Christmassy songs about Doctor Who Christmas specials.

download it here (57min., 53MB)

In this episode, I…
….manage to talk about the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, A Christmas Carol, without ever actually saying its title.
…reveal my dislike of Voyage of the Damned, but save my rant about it for another time…
…don’t actually do that much talking, and because of that, manage to squeeze in 13 songs in under an hour.
…wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

“Christmas with the Doctor,” by Romana ‘Guitardis’ Phoenix
“A Companion’s Christmas,” by Terence Chua
“Trocking Around the Christmas Tree,” by TARDIR
“Song for Ten,” by Murray Gold
“Twas on the Planet Gallifrey,” by Romana ‘Guitardis’ Phoenix
“Song 4 Kylie: I’m in Love (With a Girl in a Time Machine),” by The Fast Ood Rockers
“The Stowaway,” by Murray Gold
“Giant Robot,” by Time Agency
“Little TARDIS Box,” by Romana ‘Guitardis’ Phoenix
“The Doctor is Dying,” by Alex Day/Chameleon Circuit
“The Doctor and the Master,” Dr. Noise
“I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek,” by the Go Gos

@Guitadis on Twitter
Terence Chua
Time Agency
“The Doctor is Dying” video
Chameleon Circuit
Dr. Noise: album and website
Doctor Who cast sing a Christmas Carol


Please leave me feedback in the comments, or email me at trocklafanepodcast@gmail.com.

You can also find this podcast on MySpaceFacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

The Trocklafane Podcast episode 5

22 Dec

There’s not much classic who love in this episode, but there is an awful lot of Doctor Who music to listen to, along with a couple of reviews.

download it here (59min., 54MB)

In this episode, I…
…say the word “intriguing” a few too many times
…review the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
…play some song requests!
…recommend the BBC Audio Doctor Who adventure Dead Air.
…tell you about some Doctor Who compilation albums you should check out.

“Our House,” by The Ood Cast
“Mad Man In a Box,” by Romana “Guitardis” Phoenix
“The Oncoming Storm,” by Bad Wolf Bay
“Regeneration is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts),” by The Medusa Cascade
“Type 40 (Acoustic),” by Chameleon Circuit
“Who’s Who?” by Frazier Hines
“The Doctor is In,” by Antisoc
“Exterminate, Regenerate (cover),” by Dr. Noise

The Ood Cast
Bad Wolf Bay
The Medusa Cascade
Buy the Trock On! album
Buy the Chameleon Circuit album
Type 40 music video
Dr. Noise
Buy Short Stories here or here
Download Dr. Noise’s cover of “Exterminate, Regenerate” for free
“Exterminate, Regenerate” ukulele version (video)
List of free trock song downloads


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