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Still Got Legs

3 Jun

The new Chameleon Circuit album, Still Got Legs, is available for pre-order June 4th! (which might be tomorrow, or it might be today, depending on when and where you read this.) You can check out the awesome album artwork here. Also available for pre-order is a Chameleon Circuit t-shirt, which you can find here. (If you buy it at the same time as the album, you can save a few dollars, which is nice.) Both ship on July 12th.


The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/23)

23 May

New songs…

The Ood Cast has two songs about The Doctor’s Wife in their latest episode.

 has “Say Hello

 has “Alive


Other things…

Still Got Legs has a Facebook page.

Don’t forget to listen to the latest episode of the Trocklafane Podcast!


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The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/16)

16 May

New songs…

 has “Then I’m Gone,” part of an upcoming trock album.

The Ood Cast has a parody of “I’m on a Boat” in their latest episode

 has “Only Companion

 has “Pondsong

 has ‘The Awesomest Trock song ever

sillyunicorntime on tumblr has “Time Lord Victorious

The Lonely Traveler has “Bowties are Cool,” the title track from an upcoming trock EP.


Other things…

Halia, dustyteeth on tumblr, voiced the siren in The Curse of the Black Spot. She’s also done some really great Doctor Who covers, adding lyrics to some of Murray Gold’s Doctor Who soundtrack songs. You can download them here.


The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/9)

9 May

Starting now, I’ll be doing weekly news posts! This post covers all the new trock songs released from May 3rd (the last news post) to May 8th.

new songs…

Alex Day (nerimon on YouTube) has an acoustic version of Chameleon Circuit‘s “Teenage Rebel

stopitsgingertime has “The River Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “Day of the Moon

 has “Spaceman, part 1

The Ood Cast has a song about Day of the Moon  in their latest episode.

 has “Plastic Man


other things…

If you’re interested in filk music, you should be sure to check out DWF, a new Doctor Who e-zine all about Doctor Who filk. You can get a copy of  the first issue here or here. Also, I hear they’re looking for submissions for issue #2, so if you have filk you’d like to submit, you should email the editor at

Despite a few setbacks, the Chameleon Circuit gang is getting ready for the release of Still Got Legs. The Still Got Legs page has been updated with new music and a countdown to the album preorder. (26 days, as I post this!)


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April Time Lord Rock News

3 May

New songs…

has “cracks

has “Gallifrey” (Born this Way parody) download it here

has “Crack in My Wall

TheBoomSisters on YouTube has “The Traveler’s Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “The Impossible Astronaut

Alex Carpenter has “Gone as Gallifrey” and “Don’t Blink” (You can buy “Don’t Blink” here.)

Talis Kimberley has “Goodnight, Sarah Jane

New Magnet has “What’s the Story Sarah Jane” and “Green Green the Death.” Download both songs for free here.

Blinovitch has “Cracks” and “Doctors

Charlie from Chameleon Circuit has “Doctor What

Skaro Serpentsortia has “Whovian’s Heart” (a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, free download here)

 has “Donna & the Doctor, Just Mates!

tbrogan has “Amy’s Song (Demo)

 has “Good Morning

rebexa on YouTube has “Doctor Who vs Duck Sauce

Lizzie Radio has “Have a Good Life, Rose

 has “Something Very Human

 has “The Plasmavore Rap

 has “Take Me

 has “The Girl Who Waited

 has a song here

The Ood Cast had several great new songs on recent episodes: a song about podcasting (with Tom of The Doctor Who Podcast), a cover of “The Tenth Doctor’s Hair” (originally by Radio Rassilon), an epic mega-medley series five recap song, and a song about the silence.


New albums…

Turn Left has released their first trock album, Void Stuff. Buy it here or on iTunes.

Starwhale Danceparty (hopeonatenspeed) has released a trock album called Save the Starwhales. You can buy a copy from KunakiBandcamp, or iTunes. Some of the profits from this album will be donated to the Save the Whales foundation.


Other things…

Doctor Who podcast, Bigger on the Inside, recently did a special episode focusing on trock. Check it out!

Vortex Manipulator is a new trock band – they don’t have any songs yet, but you can check them out on twitterYouTube, and tumblr.

Check out thatenglishkid‘s fantastic music video for The Doctor is Dying.


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February/March Time Lord Rock News

10 Apr

New trock songs…

Duck Pond (live2tivo on YouTube) has “Not Mates

MrDoctoroftardis on YouTube has “Doctor Who, Where are you?

bellalysewinchester on YouTube has “Alons-y

Dontjoke has “Dr Who” (buy it here on iTunes)

analysethevan on YouTube has  “D is for Doctor Who

UKISOCIETY on YouTube has “The Kandyman” and “Five Rounds Rapid (The Brigadier’s Song)

Psychic Pollen has “Waters of Mars

charliemunroe113 on YouTube has “The Heartbeat of a Timelord

StickmanQueen on YouTube has “Bad Case of Loving Doctor Who (Parody)

has “The Brig can’t help you now, he’s in Geneva

tbrogan8009 on YouTube has “Amy’s Song

has “The Girl Who Waited

dustyteeth on tumblr has “Doomsday” and “The Doctor’s Theme,” vocal versions of Doctor Who soundtrack songs, with original lyrics. (You can download them here.)

questionable-morals on Tumblr has “The Companion Song

has “Imaginary Friend

Recent episodes of The Ood Cast included songs about their experience at the recent Gallifrey convention: a song about leaving for Gallifreyone about convention ribbonsone about the three most recent Doctors, and this fantastic Doctor Who fan anthem.

Radio Rassilon has posted lyrics and a download link for “The 10th Doctor’s Hair” here.

has “this is a song about doctor who

has “Look Behind You

has “Take Me Away


Upcoming album news…

Psychic Pollen is working on a full length trock album, to feature new versions of songs on his YouTube channel, as well as some new songs.

Dr. Noise has begun to work on a 14-song trock-only album, likely featuring songs about new and old Doctor Who episodes. It should be hopefully be out by the end of the year.


Other things…

Check out this folksy cover of “An Awful Lot of Running” by istarith on YouTube (original here)

thedemonhedgehog on YouTube made a music video for “Song for the Doctor” (song by the Vashta Nerada)

made a music video for “Regeneration is Useless (with two broken hearts)” (song by The Medusa Cascade)

Are you excited about the upcoming Chameleon Circuit album? Check out the Still Got Legs album preview page here. Also, be sure to “like” the official Chameleon Circuit Facebook page.

Fandomania has compiled a list of 15 Songs About Doctor Who. There’s a great collection of songs on this list, and you should definitely check it out.


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January Time Lord Rock News

5 Feb

New trock songs…

MagicCynic on YouTube has “My Mad Man in his Blue Box

Briannaissonerdlike on YouTube has “Take Me Away

BreeTwee on YouTube has “The Sonic Screwdriver Song

peekaresque on YouTube has “The Who the Hell is River Song

cukucoco on YouTube has “Doctor Who Song #1

AuglereDeRosenkinde on YouTube has “Bibbly

UninhabitablePlanets on YouTube has “This isn’t Trock.. it’s a TRAP

thelionversusbear on YouTube has “We Didn’t Start the Time War

stopitsgingertime on YouTube has “Doctor Who Series 6 (A Song)

suprduprlemontrooper on YouTube has “While the Sky is Still Clear

A new trock band, Subwave Network, has “Ood Rap

The Ood Cast had a couple of Christmassy songs on their Christmas Carol Review episode as well as a song about the Gelth in this episode.


Other notable trock videos…

Have a Ukulele? Want to learn how to play “Big Bang 2” on it? Check out benluchs‘ handy tutorial video.

Check out songsfrompaul‘s fantastic “Blink” cover.

New music videos: Ratin8tor4 has “The Good Doctor Who”  (original here) and there are several fan-made trock music videos on the sixawesometimelords channel.


Upcoming album news…

In a recent video, Alex Carpenter announced that his trock album should be released sometime in March/April.  You can now find his trock band, Bad Wolf and the Sonic Screwdrivers, on Facebook and ‘like’ it to get all the updates.

Paul (songsfrompaul) is also working on an album which will include several trock songs, including a new recording of this song. (More info here.)

The Chameleon Circuit folks have been hard at work this month on their new album, Still Got Legs. They announced (on twitter) the addition of two new Chameleon Circuit band members, Michael Aranda and Eddplant (Quantum Locked). Sadly, Chris (Gallifreyan History 101 and K9’s Lament) will not be involved with this Chameleon Circuit album. You can check out the “leaked” track listing for Still Got Legs here. If you’re interested in watching some behind-the-scenes clips of the album being recorded, you can see this video (at 1:32) and several videos on this channel (including the recording of “Doctor What” and “Regenerate Me”). There’s no official release date yet, but we can probably expect it to be out in a few months.


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