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April Time Lord Rock News

3 May

New songs…

has “cracks

has “Gallifrey” (Born this Way parody) download it here

has “Crack in My Wall

TheBoomSisters on YouTube has “The Traveler’s Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “The Impossible Astronaut

Alex Carpenter has “Gone as Gallifrey” and “Don’t Blink” (You can buy “Don’t Blink” here.)

Talis Kimberley has “Goodnight, Sarah Jane

New Magnet has “What’s the Story Sarah Jane” and “Green Green the Death.” Download both songs for free here.

Blinovitch has “Cracks” and “Doctors

Charlie from Chameleon Circuit has “Doctor What

Skaro Serpentsortia has “Whovian’s Heart” (a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, free download here)

 has “Donna & the Doctor, Just Mates!

tbrogan has “Amy’s Song (Demo)

 has “Good Morning

rebexa on YouTube has “Doctor Who vs Duck Sauce

Lizzie Radio has “Have a Good Life, Rose

 has “Something Very Human

 has “The Plasmavore Rap

 has “Take Me

 has “The Girl Who Waited

 has a song here

The Ood Cast had several great new songs on recent episodes: a song about podcasting (with Tom of The Doctor Who Podcast), a cover of “The Tenth Doctor’s Hair” (originally by Radio Rassilon), an epic mega-medley series five recap song, and a song about the silence.


New albums…

Turn Left has released their first trock album, Void Stuff. Buy it here or on iTunes.

Starwhale Danceparty (hopeonatenspeed) has released a trock album called Save the Starwhales. You can buy a copy from KunakiBandcamp, or iTunes. Some of the profits from this album will be donated to the Save the Whales foundation.


Other things…

Doctor Who podcast, Bigger on the Inside, recently did a special episode focusing on trock. Check it out!

Vortex Manipulator is a new trock band – they don’t have any songs yet, but you can check them out on twitterYouTube, and tumblr.

Check out thatenglishkid‘s fantastic music video for The Doctor is Dying.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!


Series 5 Time Lord Rock Songs

5 Jan

Relive the fifth series of Doctor Who by listening to time lord rock songs about it!

Below is a compilation of all the series 5-themed trock songs I could find –  listed by episode, with links to the best places to hear them. Enjoy!

(Also, check out this YouTube playlist featuring some of the songs in video form!)


The Eleventh Hour

Amelia and the CrackPsychic Pollen

Amelia Pond – Dr. Noise

Amelia Waits – The Ood Cast

Amy’s Song – AnaAerophina

Amy’s Song – 

Bowties are Cool – The Lonely Traveler

Come Along, Pond – louisawhat

Crack in My Wall – 

A Crack in Time and Space – DramaQueen2107

The Eleventh Hour – Ashley Frieze

The Eleventh Hour DanieltheDaft

The Eleventh Hour – Time Vortexology

Fish Custard – Time Children

Imaginary Friend – 

Raggedy Doctor – bluecarrotunmei


The Beast Below

Beast Below – The Ood Cast

The Last of the Star Whaleshopeonatenspeed


Victory of the Daleks

Daleks Make the Best Tea – Time Children

Hey There Bracewell – hopeonatenspeed

iHate Daleks – live2tivo

White Cliffs of Skaro – The Ood Cast


The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

Don’t Wanna Blink – The Ood Cast

Flesh and Stone – Bow Ties R Cool

Let’s Get It On, Doctor – The Ood Cast

Spoilers: A River Song – Time Children

Wipe Your Lips, Mate – The Ood Cast


Vampires in/of Venice

O Mio Babbino Caro – The Ood Cast

Under Venice – The Ood Cast

The Vampires in Venice – Amy and the Ponds


Amy’s Choice

Amy’s Choice – The Ood Cast

El TARDIS – The Ood Cast

DreamLord’s Dream- BowTiesRCool

My RealityPaige and Alex


The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Going Underground – The Ood Cast

I Will Remember You – The Ood Cast

Sound of the Underground – The Ood Cast


Vincient and the Doctor

Vincent – The Ood Cast


The Lodger

Our Lodger – The Ood Cast


The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

Big Bang 2charlieissocoollike/Chameleon Circuit

Big Bang Tension – The Pandorica Opens

Doctor Who – Season 5 finale – ficticiously

The Fall of Silence – The Ood Cast

Get Me Out of the Pandorica – BowTiesRCool

Pond Dreaming – The Ood Cast

Under the Starless Sky– The Ood Cast


Other Series 5 and 11th Doctor Songs

Amy Pond, The Girl Who Waited – 

The Boy Who Waited – CrazyAverageFreak

Hair of an Idiot – MendocinoDragon

The Matt Smith Song – Bow Ties R Cool

The Newborn Timelord Blues – Mickeleh

Rory – Amy and the Ponds

T.A.R.D.I.S – The Ood Cast

The Traveler’s Song – TheBoomSisters


Know of a song I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!

(Last updated April 10th, 2011.)