Looking for an in-depth review of the most recent episode of Doctor Who? Want to hear discussions about the latest Doctor Who news?

Then you’ve come to the wrong place. Sorry.

However, if you are looking for a Doctor Who podcast that’s a little different, then this might be just the podcast for you.

Welcome to The Trocklafane Podcast, the first and only podcast about time lord rock. (Time lord rock, also known as trock, is music written by fans about Doctor Who.) In each podcast episode, I play a handful of trock songs and offer some thoughts on new and/or classic Doctor Who episodes I’ve been watching lately. Being a seventeen-year-old American girl, I try to offer a fresh perspective on all things Who-related.

As well as listening to the podcast, be sure to have a look around this site. It features all kinds of useful links, including a list of every trock band in existence and a roundup of links to download and purchase trock music. I’m constantly adding new information and plan to make this the best resource online for time lord rock.

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