The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/9)

9 May

Starting now, I’ll be doing weekly news posts! This post covers all the new trock songs released from May 3rd (the last news post) to May 8th.

new songs…

Alex Day (nerimon on YouTube) has an acoustic version of Chameleon Circuit‘s “Teenage Rebel

stopitsgingertime has “The River Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “Day of the Moon

 has “Spaceman, part 1

The Ood Cast has a song about Day of the Moon  in their latest episode.

 has “Plastic Man


other things…

If you’re interested in filk music, you should be sure to check out DWF, a new Doctor Who e-zine all about Doctor Who filk. You can get a copy of  the first issue here or here. Also, I hear they’re looking for submissions for issue #2, so if you have filk you’d like to submit, you should email the editor at

Despite a few setbacks, the Chameleon Circuit gang is getting ready for the release of Still Got Legs. The Still Got Legs page has been updated with new music and a countdown to the album preorder. (26 days, as I post this!)


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!


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