February/March Time Lord Rock News

10 Apr

New trock songs…

Duck Pond (live2tivo on YouTube) has “Not Mates

MrDoctoroftardis on YouTube has “Doctor Who, Where are you?

bellalysewinchester on YouTube has “Alons-y

Dontjoke has “Dr Who” (buy it here on iTunes)

analysethevan on YouTube has  “D is for Doctor Who

UKISOCIETY on YouTube has “The Kandyman” and “Five Rounds Rapid (The Brigadier’s Song)

Psychic Pollen has “Waters of Mars

charliemunroe113 on YouTube has “The Heartbeat of a Timelord

StickmanQueen on YouTube has “Bad Case of Loving Doctor Who (Parody)

has “The Brig can’t help you now, he’s in Geneva

tbrogan8009 on YouTube has “Amy’s Song

has “The Girl Who Waited

dustyteeth on tumblr has “Doomsday” and “The Doctor’s Theme,” vocal versions of Doctor Who soundtrack songs, with original lyrics. (You can download them here.)

questionable-morals on Tumblr has “The Companion Song

has “Imaginary Friend

Recent episodes of The Ood Cast included songs about their experience at the recent Gallifrey convention: a song about leaving for Gallifreyone about convention ribbonsone about the three most recent Doctors, and this fantastic Doctor Who fan anthem.

Radio Rassilon has posted lyrics and a download link for “The 10th Doctor’s Hair” here.

has “this is a song about doctor who

has “Look Behind You

has “Take Me Away


Upcoming album news…

Psychic Pollen is working on a full length trock album, to feature new versions of songs on his YouTube channel, as well as some new songs.

Dr. Noise has begun to work on a 14-song trock-only album, likely featuring songs about new and old Doctor Who episodes. It should be hopefully be out by the end of the year.


Other things…

Check out this folksy cover of “An Awful Lot of Running” by istarith on YouTube (original here)

thedemonhedgehog on YouTube made a music video for “Song for the Doctor” (song by the Vashta Nerada)

made a music video for “Regeneration is Useless (with two broken hearts)” (song by The Medusa Cascade)

Are you excited about the upcoming Chameleon Circuit album? Check out the Still Got Legs album preview page here. Also, be sure to “like” the official Chameleon Circuit Facebook page.

Fandomania has compiled a list of 15 Songs About Doctor Who. There’s a great collection of songs on this list, and you should definitely check it out.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!


One Response to “February/March Time Lord Rock News”

  1. Lian April 22, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    HEY! Love the Blog, but when are you coming back? I really miss the podcast as it is a good way to keep track of Trock when my dad blocks Youtube (I also don’t have fb or Twitter or Myspace). Keep up the good work though!

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