December Time Lord Rock News

6 Jan

New trock songs…

hopeonatenspeed on YouTube uploaded the full “Last of the Starwhales” song

Paige Harwood and Alex Carpenter teamed up on “My Reality

stopitsgingertime on YouTube has “Come Back Jack

Exterminate! has uploaded a new version of “Hey, Doctor”

AnaAerophina on YouTube has “Amy’s Song

Turn Left has a new song: “A Girl from Earth”

SofYeah on YouTube has a Torchwood song: “Doctor Owen Harper

MendocinoDragon on YouTube has “Hair of an Idiot

Two new BowTiesRCool songs, “The Regeneration Song” and “Take Over the World!” can be downloaded here.

I’m sure no one else noticed, but I missed a few songs last month: “The Good Docta” by heeminhyman on YouTube and “Bad Wolf Bay” by graklesnort on YouTube.

The Ood Cast had some more songs on their podcast: find the episodes here and here.

The Doctor Who Podcast did a Christmas episode which featured two Christmas Doctor Who songs. The first was a song by Ashley Frieze, “Who’d Be a Timelord at Christmas” which can be downloaded from his site, the second was a Christmas duet “Bigger on the Inside” featuring Laura of The Ood Cast, which can be downloaded from their site.

Be sure to check out Radio Rassilon, another Doctor Who podcast that often features original Doctor Who songs. Their most recent episode included the song “the Tenth Doctor’s Hair.” Check out some of their other episodes for more musical fun!


Other things…

Nevermind the Last Tracks aired their Doctor Who special on December 6th. If you missed it, you can download the episode here or listen to just the songs here.

In a recent blog post, Alex Day talked a little about the upcoming Chameleon Circuit album: “I wrote a chorus today for a new Chameleon Circuit song called Teenage Rebel. I was inspired after listening to I Was A Teenage Werewolf by The Remus Lupins. When finished (if finished) it will be my fourth contribution to the new Chameleon Circuit album, “Still Got Legs”, which we’re hoping to record next month ❤ Names of the other songs I’ve written are “Travelling Man”, “Everything Is Ending” and of course “The Doctor Is Dying“. (Spoilers!)” This upcoming album is sounding pretty awesome!

Charlie McDonnell of Chameleon Circuit recently visited the set of Doctor Who and did a series of videos about it with the Doctor Who Confidential team. You can watch the four videos here.


Podcast/Site news…

I was recently on an episode of the US Whocast, along with some other people, discussing A Christmas Carol. I’ll give my full review very soon (on episode 7) but if you can’t wait that long, you can hear what I thought of it on the episode here.

Finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the series 5 song list I posted yesterday, as well as the YouTube playlist that goes with it.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!


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