November Time Lord Rock News

3 Dec

New trock songs…

The Dalek has uploaded “Annihilate”

UKISOCIETY on YouTube has “Eldrad Must Live

stopitsgingertime on YouTube has “The Last Dalek in the Universe

endlessobscure on YouTube has “Gallifrey

The Ood Cast continues to impress listeners with their Doctor Who filk/trock songs. Check out “Don’t Diss Doctor Who” on episode 3-3, and “Remember the Time” on episode 3-4.

YouTuber Paige (hopeonatenspeed) is working on a trock album. Hear part of her song “I’m the Last of the Starwhales” here and “Hey There Bracewell” here.

CletustheYokel17396 (the YouTuber behind “The Matt Smith Song“) has made four more Doctor Who parody songs, all of which you can download for free from iTunes. He has also uploaded a music video for his song “Flesh and Stone.”


Other news…

Chameleon Circuit recently confirmed on twitter that a second album is in the works.

Short Stories, the newest album from Dr. Noise features three fantastic trock songs: “Onward,” “The Doctor and The Master,” and “Amelia Pond.” You can purchase the album from DFTBA Records or check Dr. Noise’s Bandcamp page to listen to the entire album for free.

Nevermind the Last Tracks – a college internet radio show based in Brooklyn – is doing an hour-long Doctor Who special on Monday, December 6th. Along with songs from the show and remixes of the theme tune, they’ll be playing some time lord rock. On top of that, they’ll be hosting on-air Doctor Who quiz show. Sounds pretty awesome! The show streams online starting at 5pm EST, and you can tune in here. If you can’t make the live show, don’t worry, a recording will be uploaded after the show’s over. Check out this page for more information.


Know of something I’ve missed? Leave a comment below!


3 Responses to “November Time Lord Rock News”

  1. Betsy December 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    I’m suffering from maaaaajor flail right now. First off, a song about the Star Whale? This makes me soooo happy.

    And could Dr. Noise’s songs be ANY better? I really don’t think so. His sound is awesome. I just want to listen to The Doctor and The Master forever and ever.

    • paperclipz December 6, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

      Yeah! (keep an eye on the site, in a few days I’ll put up a list of all the songs I’ve found about series 5, there might be even more Star Whale songs…)

      And I know how you feel. I’ve been listening to The Doctor and the Master over and over… Really need the CD to come in the mail already.


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