The Trocklafane Podcast episode 4

29 Nov

After a long break, I bring you part 2 of the series 5 review. Which episodes will I declare “Super-Awesome-Good” and which were just okay? You’ll have to listen to find out!

download it here (1hr 1min., 56MB)

In this episode, I…
…ponder: was the Dream Lord really a result of the psychic pollen, or was the Doctor lying?
…refuse to change the way I pronounce Van Gogh’s name.
…had to wait an extra week to watch the Big Bang, because I was too busy being an artist.
…look forward to next season and the Christmas special.
…ramble on for quite a bit, actually.

“Amy’s Choice,” by Laura Simpson of The Ood Cast
“Tommorrow,” by Turn Left
“Vincient,” by Adrian Simpson (as heard on The Ood Cast)
“The Doctor Who is in Time,” by Force H
“Big Bang 2,” by Chameleon Circuit
“Thru the Vortex,” by The Brothers in Shit

The Ood Cast
The Ood Cast album
Turn Left
The Doctor Who is in Time (music videos here and here)
Big Bang 2
Thru the Vortex: video and website (free download!)


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Thanks for listening!


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