The Trocklafane Podcast episode 3

20 Oct

I bet you thought this was going to be one of those podcasts that puts out two really good episodes and then disappears forever… Nope!

In episode 3, I run through each episode of the fifth series, give my general opinion of the episode and play a song that relates to it. Due to time restraints, I’m dividing the series five review into two episodes, so this episode covers The Eleventh Hour through The Vampires of Venice.

download it here (33 min., 30 MB)

in this episode, I…
…occasionally say “season” instead of “series.” Because I’m American.
…reference the two dalek movies from the 60s.
…go off on a tangent about how cool I think River Song is.
…repeatedly refer to The Vampires of Venice as Vampires in Venice. Whatever.
…end the podcast on a  dramatic, “game-changing mid-series cliffhanger.” What could possibly come next? You’ll have to wait until episode 4 to find out!

“Raggedy Doctor” by BlueCarrotUnmei on YouTube
“Beast Below” by The Ood Cast
“iHate Daleks” by Duck Pond (Live2Tivo on YouTube)
“Spoilers: A River Song” by Time Children
“The Matt Smith Song” by CletustheYokel7396 on YouTube

“Raggedy Doctor” video
BlueCarrotUnmei on YouTube
The Ood Cast podcast
The Ood Cast Album
“iHate Daleks” video
Live2Tivo on YouTube
Time Children on MySpace and Facebook
The Matt Smith Song video


Thanks to the 20mb Doctor Who Podcast and The Ood Cast for giving recommendations for this podcast on their respective podcasts! Y’all should check them out! Also, I recently guest starred on episode 15 of the US WhoCast. I got to do a bit of “voice acting” for the Mytharc (audio drama recap) of Father’s Day. Check it out here.


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You can also find this podcast on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Thanks for listening! Episode 4 will cover part 2 of the series 5 review – Amy’s Choice through The Pandorica Opens – and should be out soonish!


2 Responses to “The Trocklafane Podcast episode 3”

  1. Kris October 26, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    Another awesome episode.
    Need. More. Soon. *Craves* xP


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