Site updates and two new Chameleon Circuit songs

23 Aug

Site updates…

I know this site has been pretty quiet lately, and that’s because I’ve been out of town most of the summer with very spotty internet. (On top of that, my computer was having some problems…) But, I’m back now and my computer is fixed, so it’s time for me to get to work. I just received my fancy-pants  new microphone in the mail, and I’m working on the next podcast episode. It’s looking like it’ll be a great lineup of songs!

In other news, I just put up my “Other Doctor Who Songs” page. (I know the title’s kind of vague, but it’s basically just a list of who-inspired songs released by non-trock artists.) I’m constantly adding new music to all the lists, so keep checking back.


Not-so-breaking news in time lord rock…

Just over two years ago, in August 2008, time lord rock was created. To celebrate the anniversary, the boys of Chameleon Circuit released two new trock songs:

Also, The Doctor Who Podcast recently did a great interview with Alex Day. You can hear it on episode 38.


Want to stay up to date with whenever there’s a new Trocklafane Podcast episode? You can now follow The Trocklafane Podcast on Twitter. I plan to tweet about  new episodes, website updates, and any random who-ish thoughts I have that seem worth posting. Should be fun.


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