the latest time lord rock news (6/18)

18 Jun

(a bit late this time – sorry about that!)

New songs…

 has “Save Rory Pond ft. The Ganger

 has “Spoilers

Benedict Landauer has “Running

 has “You’re My Tardis

 has “Atraxi (live)

 has “Just A Ganger

Vortex Manipulators has “Pond

 has “Amy’s Daughter

 has “Melody’s Song

Not Entirely Like Tea has “The Noblest of Them All

Shabnam Salek has The Doctor Doesn’t Get a Say” (download here)

 has “The Doctor Who Song – like Friday

 has “Hello, Doctor

 has “The Doctor Who Rap

exterminateexpectopatronum on tumblr has a song about Martha

 has “Silence Will Fall

 has “Two Hearts Break Easier

The Ood Cast has songs about The Rebel Flesh and the Almost People in their latest episodes.


Album news…

The second Chameleon Circuit album, Still Got Legs, is currently available for pre-order here. You can also pre-order a Chameleon Circuit t-shirt here. Both will ship on July 12th. (Additionally, you can order a set of Still Got Legs themed Sopio cards here.)

You can take a look at the awesome Still Got Legs album art here on Alex’s blog. Charlie wrote about the album on his blog here. Alex has some interesting insights on the Still Got Legs songs he wrote in this video. And you can go here to watch some behind-the-scenes videos of the album production.

In anticipation of the album release, Chameleon Circuit held two Still Got Legs listening parties at Red Bull Studios, where attendees could listen to the album before its release. Afterwards, the band members took questions from the audience. (You can watch a recording of the question and answer session from the June 4th listening party here (part one) and here (part two).) They even had a dalek and a TARDIS there! Sam Caplet has some fantastic photos from the event here.


Other things…

 has a cover of stopisgingertime’s “Say Hello” here

Looking for a way to get your daily fill of trock music? You should check out my new side project, fyeahtimelordrock. It’s a tumblr blog dedicated to trock!


Podcast/website updates…

Summer vacation has begun for me and I’m going to be out of town for several weeks with little or no internet access. This will unfortunately delay the releases of the next Trocklafane Podcast episode as well as the news posts. However, the next few episodes are currently in production and I plan to finish and release them as soon as I return. (As well as taking care of some much-needed website updates and housekeeping.) Hopefully you guys won’t miss me too much!


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Still Got Legs

3 Jun

The new Chameleon Circuit album, Still Got Legs, is available for pre-order June 4th! (which might be tomorrow, or it might be today, depending on when and where you read this.) You can check out the awesome album artwork here. Also available for pre-order is a Chameleon Circuit t-shirt, which you can find here. (If you buy it at the same time as the album, you can save a few dollars, which is nice.) Both ship on July 12th.

The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/23)

23 May

New songs…

The Ood Cast has two songs about The Doctor’s Wife in their latest episode.

 has “Say Hello

 has “Alive


Other things…

Still Got Legs has a Facebook page.

Don’t forget to listen to the latest episode of the Trocklafane Podcast!


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The Trocklafane Podcast episode 7

21 May

So, you probably just watched the latest episode of Doctor Who, and you’ve come here looking for opinions on it. If so, I’m sorry – you won’t find them here. Instead, in this episode, we’re taking a step back in time (because Doctor Who is  a show about time travel, so we can do that) to listen to some crazy ramblings recorded about a month ago. Plus there are lots of great songs!

download it here (52min., 48MB)

In this episode, I…
…was suffering from a cold (so if I sound particularly inarticulate and/or hoarse, that’s why)
…quite enjoyed A Christmas Carol
…wish I could have gone to Gallifrey
…play songs in memory of Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen
…look forward to new Doctor Who episodes

“Gallifreyan History 101,” by Chameleon Circuit
“Abigail’s Song,” by Murray Gold
“Five Rounds Rapid (The Bridadier’s Song),” by UKISOCIETY on YouTube
“Goodnight, Sarah Jane,” by Talis Kimberly
“My Reality,” by Alex Carpenter and Paige Harwood
“The Who the Hell is River Song,” by Peekaresque on YouTube

Chameleon Circuit
Gallifrey One convention
“Five Rounds Rapid (The Bridadier’s Song)”
Talis Kimberly
Buy “Goodnight Sarah-Jane”
“My Reality”
hopeonatenspeed on YouTube
Buy Save the Starwhales herehere, or on iTunes
Alex Carpenter on YouTube
“The Who the Hell is River Song”
The US WhoCast


Please leave me feedback in the comments, or email me at You can also find this podcast on MySpaceFacebookYouTube, and Twitter. Thanks for listening!

The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/16)

16 May

New songs…

 has “Then I’m Gone,” part of an upcoming trock album.

The Ood Cast has a parody of “I’m on a Boat” in their latest episode

 has “Only Companion

 has “Pondsong

 has ‘The Awesomest Trock song ever

sillyunicorntime on tumblr has “Time Lord Victorious

The Lonely Traveler has “Bowties are Cool,” the title track from an upcoming trock EP.


Other things…

Halia, dustyteeth on tumblr, voiced the siren in The Curse of the Black Spot. She’s also done some really great Doctor Who covers, adding lyrics to some of Murray Gold’s Doctor Who soundtrack songs. You can download them here.


The Latest Time Lord Rock News (5/9)

9 May

Starting now, I’ll be doing weekly news posts! This post covers all the new trock songs released from May 3rd (the last news post) to May 8th.

new songs…

Alex Day (nerimon on YouTube) has an acoustic version of Chameleon Circuit‘s “Teenage Rebel

stopitsgingertime has “The River Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “Day of the Moon

 has “Spaceman, part 1

The Ood Cast has a song about Day of the Moon  in their latest episode.

 has “Plastic Man


other things…

If you’re interested in filk music, you should be sure to check out DWF, a new Doctor Who e-zine all about Doctor Who filk. You can get a copy of  the first issue here or here. Also, I hear they’re looking for submissions for issue #2, so if you have filk you’d like to submit, you should email the editor at

Despite a few setbacks, the Chameleon Circuit gang is getting ready for the release of Still Got Legs. The Still Got Legs page has been updated with new music and a countdown to the album preorder. (26 days, as I post this!)


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April Time Lord Rock News

3 May

New songs…

has “cracks

has “Gallifrey” (Born this Way parody) download it here

has “Crack in My Wall

TheBoomSisters on YouTube has “The Traveler’s Song

Starwhale Danceparty has “The Impossible Astronaut

Alex Carpenter has “Gone as Gallifrey” and “Don’t Blink” (You can buy “Don’t Blink” here.)

Talis Kimberley has “Goodnight, Sarah Jane

New Magnet has “What’s the Story Sarah Jane” and “Green Green the Death.” Download both songs for free here.

Blinovitch has “Cracks” and “Doctors

Charlie from Chameleon Circuit has “Doctor What

Skaro Serpentsortia has “Whovian’s Heart” (a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, free download here)

 has “Donna & the Doctor, Just Mates!

tbrogan has “Amy’s Song (Demo)

 has “Good Morning

rebexa on YouTube has “Doctor Who vs Duck Sauce

Lizzie Radio has “Have a Good Life, Rose

 has “Something Very Human

 has “The Plasmavore Rap

 has “Take Me

 has “The Girl Who Waited

 has a song here

The Ood Cast had several great new songs on recent episodes: a song about podcasting (with Tom of The Doctor Who Podcast), a cover of “The Tenth Doctor’s Hair” (originally by Radio Rassilon), an epic mega-medley series five recap song, and a song about the silence.


New albums…

Turn Left has released their first trock album, Void Stuff. Buy it here or on iTunes.

Starwhale Danceparty (hopeonatenspeed) has released a trock album called Save the Starwhales. You can buy a copy from KunakiBandcamp, or iTunes. Some of the profits from this album will be donated to the Save the Whales foundation.


Other things…

Doctor Who podcast, Bigger on the Inside, recently did a special episode focusing on trock. Check it out!

Vortex Manipulator is a new trock band – they don’t have any songs yet, but you can check them out on twitterYouTube, and tumblr.

Check out thatenglishkid‘s fantastic music video for The Doctor is Dying.


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